We are still open for business

 During these worrying times we hope you are all keeping well and taking care        (this is a "royal we" there's only me... and sometimes Mrs R when she helps out ).
Killer B Games is still open for business as long as the post office functions. 

The production of the new figures however will have to be delayed as mould making and casting are carried out by other contractors.
Again, take care all of you and stay safe. 

The first of the Christmas Figures are now available in the web shop. 

The initial release consists of:

Santa Claus

Zwarte Piet

The Christmas Companions (3)

The Caganer Elf

Tio De Nadal

 Frosty the Mercenary Snowman

Krampus the Christmas Devil

The elves will be along soon, once the new sculpts have arrived and they have been divided into packs. After that it's the Kaliikantzaroi Goblins who will be getting some reinforcements.

Check out the new figures by clicking the Naughty or Nice image to the right.

The figures are in the Blitzkringle section. Or scroll down and click on the Christmas Product Range.  

Apologies for the poor photos, better ones will be along soon. 

Check out some more elf greens below: 

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"Keep watching the Skies!" 





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